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8 Days
Beach Within Reach On The Water Adventure

Ocean to Outback Safari

From the world’s largest fringing coral reef to one of the last great wildernesses, this itinerary showcases Australia's remarkable biodiversity.

Day 1 | Arrival at Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia (2 Nights)

Where the outback meets the reef. Luxurious wilderness tents hidden among the dunes overlook the Ningaloo Reef, providing a unique base to explore the coral coast—one of Australia’s best-kept natural secrets. Sal Salis's ecological principles ensure your stay has minimal environmental impact. Settle into your luxurious tent and take in the stunning surroundings.

Day 2 | Ningaloo Reef Exploration

Kick off your adventure with one of the most exhilarating experiences in the world: swimming with whale sharks. From mid-March to July, Ningaloo Reef is home to these gentle giants. With the guidance of experienced instructors, you will have the opportunity to snorkel alongside these magnificent creatures, witnessing their graceful movements up close.

Day 3 | Guided Hike and Wildlife Encounters

Start your day with a guided hike across this unique landscape, exploring the Australian bush. Encounter the geological history and dreamtime mythology through the ranges and gorges. Sightings often include red kangaroos, wallaroos, black-footed rock wallabies, fairy wrens, kestrels, and zebra finches. On the camp doorstep, critically endangered hawksbill turtles, endangered loggerhead turtles, and green sea turtles can be seen nesting in the dunes.

Day 4 | El Questro Homestead, the Kimberley, Western Australia (3 Nights)

Journey to El Questro Homestead, nestled in almost one million acres of wilderness park and 100 km from the nearest town. This luxury retreat offers breathtaking vistas over the Chamberlain River. Request an intimate dinner beneath a blanket of stars or a table set on the dramatic cliffside.

Day 5 | Bird Watching Excursion

Join an El Questro Ranger for an early morning bird-watching excursion. Regular sightings include the resident pair of dancing brolgas, colorful rainbow bee-eaters, Gouldian finches, and sea eagles feeding their young.

Day 6 | Relax at Zebedee Thermal Springs

Rejuvenate at Zebedee Thermal Springs, nestled among lush Livistona palms. Soak in the natural warm waters, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Kimberley. This tranquil oasis offers a perfect respite after a day of exploration, blending relaxation with the stunning wilderness backdrop.

Day 7 | Bamurru Plains, Top End, Northern Territory (3 Nights)

Passionate Field Guides at Bamurru Plains immerse guests in the story of the bush, offering a haven from which to closely connect with unique Top End wilderness experiences. Embark on an exhilarating airboat tour across the floodplains. Experience this key natural environment where saltwater crocodiles lurk just under the water, and water buffalo wade through the shallows. Witness the spectacle of 200,000 Magpie Geese taking to the wing as they congregate on the Mary River wetland during nesting season. The lodge's name, ‘Bamurru,’ means Magpie Goose in one of the local Aboriginal languages.

Day 8 | Guided 4WD Safari

Embark on a guided 4WD safari through the Top End's diverse landscapes. Discover the region's unique flora and fauna, learn about its fragile ecosystem, and witness breathtaking views. This immersive experience offers a deeper connection to the natural beauty and conservation efforts of this remarkable environment.