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Adventure & Adrenaline

An epic trip to New Zealand wouldn't be complete without a healthy bit of adventure thrown in!

With thrilling rivers, cavernous canyons, breath-taking gorges, and majestic mountains and valleys, New Zealand is the ultimate natural playground for those with a spirit of adventure.

This magnificent country offers every adventure activity imaginable (and some you'd never thought were possible!), complemented by a backdrop of mind-blowing landscapes.

For any action lover, Queenstown is a destination that cannot be missed. It offers bungee jumping, skydiving, caving, canyon scaling, and white-water rafting… the list goes on and on! It’s no surprise that Queenstown has been named the adventure capital of New Zealand. With the vast options available, it can be hard to find the best things to do in the limited time you have.

Fortunately, our expert team of Travel Curators are here to help you navigate through the wide range of exciting choices to find the best fit for you.

From quintessential Kiwi adventures to unique adrenaline indulgences, we have a carefully curated selection to suit every client’s skills, age, and budget.

If you’re seeking an action-packed itinerary to fill your holiday or just a handful of activities to create some unique memories, our team of Travel Curators is on-hand to customise the exact package to suit your needs.

Below is just a small taste of the impressive array of activities which we offer.