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Leaders in Luxury Stays & Experiences

For over 13 years we have been meticulously crafting a collection of the very best stays and experiences available in the Southern Hemisphere. Our incredible network of contacts allow us to craft the most unique, customised experiences that go far beyond the beds you sleep in and your mode of travel.

If you’re seeking once-in-a-lifetime moments that will never be forgotten, let Touch of Spice lead the way on your journey through the South Pacific.


About Jacqui Spice 

Jacqui is the founder and CEO of Touch of Spice and pioneer of luxury stays in New Zealand.

Relentless and not knowing how to say no are two ways to describe our CEO. Relentless in her pursuit to find the precise accommodation option to match the client’s requests alongside the best experience she can deliver. “Never saying no” is one of Jacqui’s core values and this means if you ask for a big pink elephant, she won’t say no, she will say “what shade of pink?”.  This has rewarded Jacqui the loyalty of many key clients who, 13 years later, still turn to her to help them fulfill their next special request. Jacqui has earned the reputation as the best in her field working around the clock to ensure Touch of Spice delivers to its core values and brand promise. 

Prior to starting Touch of Spice in 2005, Jacqui spent over a decade working on board super yachts looking after the uber wealthy, and often high-profile guests, where she honed her understanding of what exceeding expectations truly means.

Touch of Spice was born out of Jacqui’s desire to deliver an international level of exceptional service combined with luxury accommodation and experiences to well-heeled clients who are in the ’need it now’ world of today. As a well-travelled individual herself, Jacqui has a passion for the finer things in life and for seamless and effortless travel. She is incredibly passionate about New Zealand and what it has to offer, over and above its breathtaking scenery and many adventure options.

Nothing is impossible for the Touch  of Spice team, if a client asks for a professional ping pong player to be at their disposal 24/7, they make it happen (and it has happened!).