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Sharpen Up Your Cooking Skills!

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We are delighted to feature in this article about adding a cooking class to your New Zealand holiday which is now on Tourism New Zealand's website.

Adding a cooking class to your New Zealand holiday is a tasty way to create amazing memories. You`ll get hands-on experience with Pacific Rim cuisine.

Every part of New Zealand has its food and wine specialties. Different types of fish and shellfish, specific fruit and vegetables that thrive in the local climate, cheeses from artisan producers and climate-matched grape varieties. And the very best way to get acquainted with these local specialties, and some of the local people as well, is to find a cooking class and tie on your apron.

A Touch of Spice

Some cooking experiences are tied to your accommodation choices. For example, if you stay in one of a Touch of Spice private villas, you have the option of a personal chef who can provide cooking lessons, as well as gourmet meals that suit your tastes. Dave Miller, one of the Touch of Spice in-house chefs, often finds that meal preparation times turn into cooking lessons. He`s also known to entertain the resident children with cookie-making sessions.

View the full article on the Tourism New Zealand website.


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