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ARCHIVES: July 2022



Touch of Spice rated excellent by FlipKey by TripAdvisor.

Touch of Spice has been rated excellent by FlipKey by TripAdvisor, a community driven travel site that helps consumers find trusted vacation rental homes throughout the world, by providing real reviews of verified vacation rental properties.

The "Rated Excellent" digital badge is an exclusive award that recognizes outstanding vacation rentals based on reviews from past guests. Flip Key say "It is clear that you provide a fantastic rental property for your guests and we are pleased to recognize your efforts."

Check out our Luxury Accommodation site to view our fabulous portfolio of exclusive private villas available for your next holiday!


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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


Queenstown has been blanketed in crisp white snow today as an icey blast swept over the country.

Skiiers were deligthed this morning as they woke to see fresh snow blanketing downtown Queenstown. With overnight lows of minus 6, it was chilly in the deep south. Conditions on the mountains are fabulous with 40cm of powder falling on The Remarkables and more than 25cm on Coronet Peak in the past 24 hours.

"There were lots of `yahoos`, lots of excited people, smiles and high fives out there today with fresh snow just adding to the good times," said The Remarkables ski area manager Ross Lawrence (source NZ Ski website).

With cold but sunny days forcast for the rest of the week this is a great time to pack your ski suit and head south! We look forward to welcoming you to our winter wonderland. Contact our Travel & Leisure division for assistance with accommodation, transport and ski equipment including in-house ski equipment fittings.

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TOS featured in Sunday Star Times!


Never Say No To A Celebrity! - Touch of Spice was featured in the Sunday Star Times last Sunday.

No request is too strange when it comes to meeting the needs of the rich and famous!With our "never say no" approach if we can`t do it we just refer it to someone who can. We can be a mixture of maid, nanny, event planner, wedding planner, travel agent and an agony aunt if we have to.

We have hosted golfer Tiger Woods, tennis ace Andre Agassi and supermodel Tyra Banks but we are too discreet to name the client who commuted daily by helicopter to a table tennis centre for his entire 16 week visit.


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